What Does It Cost To Build A Website?

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What Does It Cost To Build a Website?

Modern businesses know that they can’t be legitimate until they have an online presence. When evaluating the cost of building a website you should consider the many factors that determine the price of the overall project.

Having a website built can be confusing and you may not know where to start,how much it should cost or even what type of website best suits your needs.

Different design agencies and professionals will have varying rates,so it’s a good idea to become familiar with the various stages of website design and the associated costs. Of course, the cheapest choice in building and maintaining a website is the do it yourself (D.I.Y.) option. 

Free templates for websites are available but these tend to be very basic, very boring and lack any individuality. You can purchase a simple website template for about $125.00, which can incorporate a basic online shop.

Professional Website Design

However,for a complex and unique website you may need to use an experienced web design company or professional to build and maintain your website.

Building your first website can seem like an overwhelming feat when you take into consideration planning
and designing the site,finding a host, setting it up for e-commerce,and more. As with most business expenses, the cost will vary depending on your particular needs.


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Professional Website Design

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Here’s a list of some of the cost you’ll encounter:

• Domain name: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to purchase a domain name. Domain name registration is inexpensive; you should be able to register you name for less than $15.00 per year.

Many registrars offer discounts for multi-year registrations, which are often a good idea anyway – For example you can register your domain as low as $0.88/year at Name Cheap, the last thing you want to do is lose your domain because you forget to renew it.

• Web host: Your web host provided space on its servers where your site “lives.” Hosting costs range from free to as much as $200 per month, depending on the options you need and the level of service you require.

For most businesses, a middle-of-the-road with basic e-commerce functionality, secure layer encryption ( a must-have feature for e-commerce), and a reasonable amount of disk space and bandwidth will generally run from $10.00 to $30 per month.

• Design and production: The cost of designing and coding your site can also run the gamut from free to thousands of dollars. Some vendors, such as Microsoft Office Live Small Business, offer basic website templates, or you could spend $200 or more to buy a premium template.

A typical Web hosting company like Go daddy or Namecheap offers packages ranging from $7.95 per month for hosting and a free domain name to as little as $34.95 a month for website maintenance.

Another cost to keep in mind is multi-language website. A professional website build in more than one language will cost a lot more than a single language website.

• Professional designer: If you’d rather hand off the entire website building project to a designer,you could easily spend anywhere from$1,000 to $10,000 on a basic site, with or without e-commerce capability.
Your options are myriad at this step, and your needs ( and budget) will determine what’s within your reach. Our best advice about professional design is to get a crystal-clear idea of your requirements before you invest – an open-ended web design project can get very expensive,very very quickly.

• Site content: One element of site building that often gets short shrift: the actual words on your web pages. Well -crafted sales copy is essential to success on the internet, and you should commit to making it the very best it can be.


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If you don’t have the time or skill level to develop your own content, hire a professional content writer.

Writers typically charge per article, per hour, or by the word count. You can also consider adding video, podcasts, or other multimedia content to your site, although that will add cost and complexity to your Web design project.

All told, you can expect to spend more than $1,000 for a small,professionally designed website, or as little as $50 if you decide to build it yourself. You’ll need to keep in mind recurring fees,such as monthly hosting charges,domain renewals, and merchant account fees (if applicable).

Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deal before settling on a designer, template provider, or Web host. The market is extremely competitive, and you can find great deals if you are patient and do some research.


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Best Website Design

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The 6 stages of a website design project

Now that you’re clear on how much your site might cost, you’re probably wondering what the design process is like and how long will it take?

Both of these factors will be affected by the size of your desired site, the agency you’re working with and what you want the end goal to be. To give you some insight into how everything will progress, you can read more about each stage online.

You can also search for videos on website like Youtube and of course contact us for a complete breakdown of the individual stages.


Important Considerations For The Best Website Design


Website design is a service,not a product.
Looking at your website build as a service will help you understand why it is difficult to put a single price to it.

There is a lot of planning and details involved

Price will depend on the level of details and time spent on various features

Quotes are subjective

You could potentially receive a quote from $1000 all the way up to $50,000 for the same project requirements



You can pay for your website to be build in more than one way

For example, you can go with a fixed bid or hourly payments. With fixed bid, you might pay a one-off price of $8,000. With hourly payments, you could pay someone $120.00 an hour while they work on your website.

Standards vary from design agency to design agency

Companies differ in the way they go about building your website. The absence of uniformity in standards will affect pricing.

We hope we were able to provide some great insights in what is involved and cost to build a website.

Post by Anna Charles, the design manager at Pennistone Media – an online and offline digital marketing and website design agency that creates marketing solutions for professionals, business and brands.

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