Understanding The Steps To Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling Action Guides | Integrity Selling Steps

Hello and welcome back to part two (2) in our three (3) part article series on Consultative Sellings Tips For Digital Marketers. I am Donovan Green the Business Development manager here at Pennistone Media. In part one (1) we covered issues such as the process to increases the sales person’s skill level, gaining rapport with your clients and potential clients and lots more.

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Integrity Selling Steps


3.  Make a Strong Sales Presentation

 The purpose of the presentation  is to show how your products and services will answer your customer’s wants or needs. An effective presentation happens when you and your customers have an interactive discussion of how you will satisfy their wants or needs in a win-win manner.

What it means is that you and the customer discuss how your products and services completely fulfill the needs that you identified during the interview. Illustrate how the customer will be able to actually experience peace of mind.

Appeal to both their logic and emotions. Physically position yourself so as to make them  feel comfortable with you. If possible, choose the least distracting environment: the conference room or some other area away from the telephone and other interruptions.

Make a show of shutting down your own smart phone and that may prompt them to do the same. Avoid talking about price as a priority, making it secondary to explaining how the products and services best fill their needs.


Integrity Selling Action Guides | Integrity Selling Steps

Integrity Selling Action Guides
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Even if it is a bidding situation, the price may be secondary to fulfilling the customer’s total needs. Studies show that when an effective presentation is made, the customer does not necessarily go with the lowest bid.

The reason is that the lowest bid may or may not answer all of the “needs” that the customer has. You want to ensure that your company sets the bar for other competitors to meet.

Ask for their reactions, feelings, and opinions. Sales consultants constantly draw out their customers. Not only does this feedback allow you to know what the customer is thinking, it is also a powerfully persuasive step.

Remember that people will buy your products or services because  it fulfills a need, and how it will make them look to upper management in the organization.

They want the cost/benefit equation to be obvious to others. The buyer wants assurance that they will not have to deal with problems. They want to feel comfortable in your company’s ability to provide technical support, on-time deliveries, accurate invoicing, and payment terms that will work within their business model.

Finally, they want good customer service after the sale, recognition when they have an emergency, integrity in their dealings with your company, and personal attention. All of these address much more than price—they address total value.



4.  Validate The Sale

Everything you sell must be validated, including you as the sales person. You must validate yourself as a representative of the other specialists in your company.

You must also validate the quality and benefits of your products and services, and quality control measures. You must validate your company’s customer support, on time deliveries, invoicing accuracy, and integrity.

In many cases validation does not receive the importance it deserves. However, it is often critical to the selling process. Experience has shown that those who do it effectively close more sales.

Validate by translating the features of your products or services into customer benefits. Ultimately people don’t buy features, they buy benefits. Justify the price by emphasizing value.

You must yourself strongly believe that the price, for your products, services and consistent reliability, is less than the value the customer will receive from purchasing it elsewhere. Offer proof-of-benefits received from a list of satisfied customers.


Integrity Selling Action Guides | Integrity Selling Steps

Integrity Selling Steps

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Use third-party references and testimonials. You can refer them to your website to assist you in the validation. Help them to browse through and point out the important highlights to them.

Reassure and reinforce customers to neutralize the fear of making the buying decision. They may fear that they will be making a wrong decision, or they may resist changing from their present supplier who offers more familiarity.

Show the customer that their decision to purchase is the right decision.
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