December 17, 2016

SEO Consultant


SEO Consultant | SEO Consultant Canada

Your website and its related properties such as mini-sites is one of your business’s most important piece of real estate in the cloud, and like any valuable real property, you want to ensure that these properties has a return on investment (ROI).

Is your business realizing an effective ROI on its investment?

Pennistone Media can lead and drive the effectiveness of all your web properties’ by improving their organic rankings on third-party internet search engines, as well as drive on-site search performance within their own web properties.

We are experience working with large enterprise companies and have had experience making fundamental changes to the site architecture and structure, server load feeds and content, resulting in a direct increase in traffic, conversions and sales.

We offer a comprehensive in house SEO Consultancy services for Enterprise level clients.

How Can Pennistone Media Be Of Help To You And Your Company?

Onsite Search

– Develop onsite keyword research insights building.

– Prepare detailed findings and strategy reports.

Sitemaps building and distribution.

– Develop and put forward site architectures that optimize your websites’ search friendliness.

– Provide content improvement recommendations with a view of improving organic traction.


SEO Experts | SEO Consultant Canada

SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization Tips


Search Engine Strategy And Management

– Keep up-to-date of White Hat and Black Hat tactics so as to not violate search engine guidelines.

– Build and submit Video and other types of Sitemaps.

– Compile and present SEO performance reports.

– Create advanced SEO strategies and frameworks.

– Provide ongoing SEO performance reports.

Track, monitor, and ensure campaigns are delivering against all KPIs.

– Create and execute paid search strategies.

– Develop ongoing SEM testing and learning initiatives / tactics that drive improved SEO strategies development.

Analyze competitive environments, traffic patterns, and trends to identify opportunities.

Ensure optimal user experiences and obstacle-free conversion paths for site visitors who enter through organic search.

Management of marketing material to include products, brochures, newsletters, online media, and campaigns.

– Manage all communication plans and assist with marketing portfolios.

Provide content to update marketing materials.

– Drive new initiatives to meet and increase operational targets.


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