December 26, 2016

Digital Marketing Training


Digital Marketing Training | Digital Marketing Training for Businesses

We are your knowledge base business partners working closely with you and your team to understand all your business objectives so we can help in the training of your staff in digital marketing and its application to your business space.

How Can Pennistone Media Help Me Or My Company?


  • Our team will help train you and your staff to identify the various digital marketing opportunities which can and or has the greatest potential to meet the needs of your audience and assessing which is most appropriate for your marketing or communications needs.
  • Our emphasis focusing on communicating and transferring of usable skill and support to adjust, develop, improve or change for the better your marketing plans.
  • We help you focus your Initiatives for both your existing and your potential clients.
  • We keep in mind at all times the very complex , demanding this responsibilities comes with and all the necessary skill sets required to make this all happen.



Digital Marketing Solutions | Digital Marketing Training Solutions for Businesses

Digital Marketing Training

Understanding Digital Marketing


What We Consider as Our Main Accountabilities and Core Responsibilities to You:

  • Contribute to proactive marketing plans.
  • Execute successful marketing campaigns, including drafting content, editing and managing the process – using both print and digital tactics.
  • Show you how to align copy strategy for marketing and communications tactics with other initiatives.
  • How to produce error-free content and strategies to build your brand and business objectives over and over again.
  • Ensure that your brand, the customer and the market is appropriately reflected in all marketing and communications collateral.
  • Collaborate with creative and account teams through all stages of projects to ensure an effective, polished final product.
  • Consult with key business partners and recommend the appropriate approaches and vehicles to achieve business and marketing objectives.


Digital Marketing Training for Businesses


Why Select Us?


  • Communicate clearly and effectively in plain language according to prescribed style guides.
  • Execute marketing and communications programs as part of a collaborative team.
  • Highly organized, with attention to detail and the ability to work on several projects simultaneously, meeting strict deadlines.
  • Ability to identify opportunities to link projects, initiatives or promotions together.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: we are able to consult, influence and negotiate with people from diverse backgrounds and levels throughout the organization.
  • Ability to clearly and convincingly present and position ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to build relationships with business partners to reach mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Exhibit strong leadership skills by driving for action, managing complexity and generating innovative solutions.
  • Communicating and interpreting company objectives in order to increase the team sales revenue.
  • Assessing and evaluating overall business needs of your company with the goals of the business and your customer in decision-making process for maximum sales and marketing initiatives and results.
  • Developing close customer relations and generating leads.
  • Hiring and training staff
  • For our clients and and their marketing initiatives – the how to in obtaining profitable results through team work and developing team synergy through motivation, counselling, skills development


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