December 21, 2016

Digital Marketing Consultation


Digital Marketing Consultation | Digital Marketing Consulting Agency

We are big on building brands, we employ cutting edge online marketing strategies, particularly through social media marketing , content creation and effective storytelling on digital platforms that meets your business goals and objectives.

Pennistone primary aim is to become the leader in helping all enterprize level like business like yours to grow and succeed. We are experienced, and have a proven track record in Inbound Marketing; from designing implementation, manage and monitoring your results.


How Can Pennistone Help Me Or My Company?


  •  As a part of our ambitious agenda we want to deepen your b2b and b2c engagement through digital capabilities and data driven marketing programs.
  • As part of the business development plan, we can help to to accelerate your digital program capacity and capability in an effort to increase awareness of your goods and services, and ultimately your brand
  • Develop and growth your current and potential customer/client base across various digital platforms using unique strategies customized to you and your business story.


Seo Marketing Consultants | What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do

Digital Marketing Consultation


Aspiring to be the top result driven digital marketers for business looking to make a unique statement on the web, Pennistone aims to service the total spectrum of your business online needs (information, knowledge, advisory, implementation and results) while allowing you our customers and clients become the best in your space

Relying on effective relationship building, you can expect us to work across the communications, marketing, technology, business development and economic teams to constantly increase the quality of your digital platforms, and deepen your client’s online and offline engagement.


Why Select Us Above All Others?


  •  We aim to be your go to content marketing domination professionals within the online digital marketing space, you can rely on us to play a key role to position your professional practice, business or brand as the market leader in the industry.
  • We totally understand and accept the primary responsibilities to sustain, develop and push forward your companies overall digital content strategy to better inform your existing customers and potential customers in timely and cost effective methods.
  • We are agile inbound marketer, we have the skill set, the abilities to connect with internal and external industry experts which will be a critical element to build freemium and premium content based on the website’s user journey.



What’s Is In This For You? and

What We Consider As Our Key Responsibilities To You?


Website Copy-writing

  • We work with your company, by understanding your products marketing and to enhance / simplify overall positioning of your core products to potential customers
  • Leverage analytics and data to optimize content for web and mobile aligned with the respective customer journey
  • Collaborate with digital platform product, designers, content marketers and other to develop the information / navigation architecture


  • Work with your key executives to define areas of expertise and support content creation
  • Align your business goals and objectives with campaigns (paid, organic search, social), electronic data management, and knowledge as a business, social media marketing on overall editorial calendar
  • Apply SEO guidelines across all content assets
  • We help organization create great contents
  • Ensures that the organization’s websites provide comprehensive information, knowledge and product, service detail that is aligned with the site’s visitor’s


  • Develops and evolves content and information architecture to improve traffic volume and quality from search engines and third party integrators
  • Tracks usage trends of the organization’s websites, digital tools including number and quality of visitors and makes recommendations to improve effectiveness and customer experience
  • Ensures that online content is labeled in the way that best serves users’ needs and integrates points to various social networking and micro-blogging sites
  • Establishes and maintains an information architecture that is well organized, user experience driven, and presents a consistent corporate look and feel according to brand standards
  • Analyzes the use of website content and design; takes steps as necessary and affordable to improve information content architecture and design
  • Employs focus groups, surveys, web statistics, email, etc., to elicit feedback and improve website content and organization


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