Social Media Advertising For Small Businesses | Local Social Media Marketing

Welcome to Pennistone Media, we’re growing online and offline digital marketing and website design agency. Our aim is to continue growing and help professionals,companies and brands to build a strong online presence.

We have a very strong in-house development and strategic marketing team and we strive on collaborating as a team to complete work for our clients. We work very hard to create efficient methods to help our clients receive a great return on their investment.


Social Media Advertising For Small Businesses


How To Use Social Media For Marketing

As a team we create marketing solutions with well define strategies, customized development designs while incorporating the latest in cost efficient and highly effective technologies to deliver top of the class results for you.

We totally understand and believe that each client, their business or brand is unique; as a result we put together the most effective team of A players for your project.

In summary, we have master the WOW !! factor.




Local Social Media Marketing

Designing, marketinging and promoting your social media ideas and contents can be very time consuming and difficult to say the least, Let our team here a Pennistone Media help you with with your day to day social media management by designing unique, interesting and engaging concepts crafted to tell your business story.

As Digital Marketing Specialists, we can help you with:

· Identifying and implementing new marketing strategies to drive online traffic and maximize sales

  • Execute on, and oversee the performance of the following channels:
  • Social/Earned (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube etc)
  • Paid (Adwords, Display, Retargeting, Affiliate Systems)
  • Owned (Website, Email, Blog)
  • SEO
  • ROI analysis, reporting and budget management
  • eDM strategy and management
  • Optimise conversions through landing pages, apps, website tweaks etc

· Strategy and creative input into other marketing campaigns ie. Social media


How To Market With Social Media

Whether you’re contemplating online or offline marketing, we’re ready to rock it for you.

So if you or your company is still struggling with sales and revenue?

Contact us today ; let’s talk about your goals and objectives today.

Our team is here to help.


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