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The process of SEO is not a one size fit all for gaining real and highly targeted visibility to your web platforms.The amount of work necessary varies widely from project to project; so does pricing. Several factors influence cost of SEO, including:

How competitive is your keyword?
Your current performance in search
The number of indexed pages on your website
The age and strength of your website
The number of and how many authoritative websites that link to your website
How the website is constructed ?
The type and quality of your website's content. Yes content is king.

For more competitive, for example a corporate businesses that target national or international search results.

When there is substantially more work involved, the pricing is generally directly proportion to the time and method needed to dominate that space.
We have successfully positioned ourselves as the ‘what SEO services really ought to be and how much it should really cost’ company.

We promote our SEO services on ‘knowledge, true worth and results at a low price’ concept – in other words, we offer value.
No one can honestly promise that. This is because SEO take time. Our primary aim is get you listed in the top ten listings of the organic results for your top converting and relevant keywords within three to six months. In most cases, these results are achieved between the second and fourth month of marketing.
No, we cannot.

Here is a direct quote from the team at Google:

“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

So to be clear any SEO professional or agency that claim to guarantee rankings, or alleged that they have a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.
Please note : There is no priority status to be able to submit to Google.

In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost to you.”

Pennistone Media do not have any control over the search engines and we cannot put you at #1, but what we have control over and can do is apply specific customized strategies and services backed by years of experience, a solid reputation. This is our secret formula and over the years is the secret formula for large portion of the fortune 500 companies.
A responsive or mobile friendly website is one that adapts to any platform its viewed on whether it be desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A responsive website dynamically re-arranges and re-sizes its content based on the platform its being viewed on with the intention of fully utilizing the available space making the site easier to view and navigate.
To navigate a website on a mobile device can be a frustrating experience because of its small size, text can be difficult to read, users have to continuously pinch and zoom out in-order to see the content.

You could be loosing business because many website visitors will move on to a site that’s been optimized for their device, such as a responsive website.

Platforms other than desktops such as smartphones and tablets are growing rapidly and its a good investment to make it easier for your website visitors to view and navigate your website without issues.

A responsive website design also eliminates the need to build a secondary mobile site and will save your company money and time.
We are selective to the projects that interest us the most.

We personally invest our heart and soul in each one of the website we design and build, for us every site is our signature.

Just as you choose a web designer, SEO expert we also choose our clients, and will only take on the projects that are tailored towards our style of work, mixed with helping our clients make a unique statement online.
It is important to keep in mind that knowing a budget whether its design, SEO or any other service up front gives us a clear indication of how much time can be spent on a website optimization or design.

And subsequently how much work we can fit into the time quota.

Your budget helps us figure out with you and also gives an insight into roughly how large of a project it will be.
Black hat SEO entail / refers to a set of practices that are used to manipulating how search engines perceive the relevance of a Web page in a way that is often violate the search engines' terms of service and and the search engines' guidelines.

It's crucial to realize that implementing Black Hat SEO tactics and strategies can get your site banned from search engines.

Examples of Black hat SEO are hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam.
White hat SEO techniques involve providing users with quality content that is accurate, relevant, and well-organized. Using relevant keywords in the title tag, h1 tag, and anchor text of inbound and internal links are examples of white hat SEO.

White hat SEO is the approved search engine optimization tactics designed to increase a website's position on a search engine results page (SERP).

It general refers to as results that are NOT based on payment or trickery, it is commonly referred to as organic search results.

Because paid ads and sponsored links are prominently placed on search results pages, the portion of visible search results dedicated to organic results is limited, so top placement is very desirable.

What white and black hat SEO have in common is the desire to improve website visibility; where they differ is how they go about it.


Tips For Using Social Media For Business

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